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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The reality of Christ

As concerned as many of us are about the election, I thought that this quote from Malcolm Muggeridge was very timely...surprisingly so, as he wrote this in the 70's. I heard Ravi Zacharias use this quote on his radio program, "Let My People Think," and felt it as equally apropos for this time as my previous post...ultimately, this view is what we as Christians must take, but it does NOT mean that we do not do our part to change the direction of our country.

The World’s way of responding to intimations of decay is to engage equally in idiot hopes and idiot despair…on the one hand, some new policy or discovery is confidently expected to put everything to rights: a new fuel, a new drug… world government. On the other hand, some disaster is as confidently expected to prove our undoing. Capitalism will break down, fuel will run out, plutonium will lay us low, atomic waste will kill us off, overpopulation will suffocate us, or alternatively, declining birth rate will put us at the mercy of our enemies.

In Christian terms, such hopes and fears are equally beside the point. For as Christians, we know that here we have no continuing city, and crowns roll in the dust; and every earthly kingdom must sometimes flounder. Whereas, we acknowledge a King men did not crown and cannot dethrone. As we are citizens of a city of God they did not build, and cannot destroy... It was in the breakdown of Rome that Christendom was born. Now in the breakdown of Christendom, there are the same requirements and the same possibilities, to eschew the fantasy of a disintegrating world, and to seek the reality of what is not seen and eternal—the reality of Christ.

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