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Thursday, December 22, 2011

His First Coming

A facet of the Christmas story that has always intrigued me, especially as I have gotten older, is the part where THE King was born into a dirty, probably smelly, most definitely humble, holding place for animals. That His first bed was a feeding trough--again, dirty, far from pristine--not the picture that we so want our King to be born into--a place that is sterilized, and glowing, and warm, and perfect.  This aspect of the Story has captured my attention as I've gotten older because I have seen the ugly, non-pristine, dirty places in my own heart, and even of my own circumstances, and the need for a Redeemer has become so evident in my life.  I love how this quote captures all my scattered thoughts on this subject, and ties them together to remind us that God chose His Son's humble entrance into the world to make a point:

When you celebrate Christmas, think about the importance God places on your life, even if you don't feel that who you are or what you do makes much difference in a busy world.  The Incarnation tells us that we are special and unique and that God wants to dwell in our hearts. In God's eyes, there is no place too humble, no corner of the world that is not worthy to dwell in.  He comes as a child to our hearts, not demanding or conquering.  He comes as a baby to hold in our arms.  It is not whether or not He is here with us. It is whether or not we decide to welcome Him into our lives.
Candy Paull

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