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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worth your time....

When I got this book, I thought it would be mostly on becoming a woman of God. While that is the case, it was actually written by Elisabeth Elliot to her daughter, Valerie, right before Valerie's marriage.  Because of that, there was more emphasis on the marriage relationship than I was expecting.  That's not a bad thing! There is always room for all of us to evaluate our views of marriage, whether we are single or in a relationship.

Here are a couple of quotes that stood out to me:

On womanhood (p.53) "Womanhood is a call.  It is a vocation to which we respond under God, glad if it means the literal bearing of children, thankful as well for all that it means in a much wider sense, that in which every woman, married or single, fruitful or barren, may participate--the unconditional response exemplified for all time in Mary the virgin, and the willingness to enter into suffering, to receive, to carry, to give life, to nurture and to care for others.  The strength to answer this call is given us as we look up toward the Love that created us, remembering that it was that Love that...made us at the very beginning real men and real women.  As we conform to that Love's demands we shall become more humble, more dependent--on Him and on one another--and even (dare I say it?) more splendid."
On marriage (p.110) "...marriage is a vocation. It is a task to which you are called.  If it is a task, it means you work at it...you hear the call, you answer, you accept the task, you enter into it willingly and eagerly, you commit yourself to it's disciplines and responsibilities and limitations and privileges and joys.  You concentrate on it, giving yourself to it day after day in a lifelong Yes. Having said Yes to the man who asked you to marry him, you go on saying Yes to marriage.  This is easier for a woman to do, I think...even a woman who has a career when she marries finds it easy to make marriage her primary task, to lay down the career...in order to let her husband have first place..."

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