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For all that is to come, yes...

This June, 12 years have passed since my divorce.  In many ways, it feels like a lifetime ago--like it's some vaguely painful incident that happened to another (very different, very young) person.  There's been so much life lived--personal healing, God's provision for our every need, restorations of relationships I never thought possible, and the very clear grace of God in my 13 year old son's life and walk with Jesus, to name a few. Yet the 12 year mark sobered and frustrated me in a lot of ways, even more than the previous years. 
Perhaps it rubbed me wrong because life wasn't what it was "supposed" to be, and I was looking mid-life square in the face, still very alone in many ways. Whatever brought those feelings on, I found myself overwhelmed with negative thoughts, and a disconcerting tinge of unbelief and distrust in my Heavenly Father began to work it's way into my mind and spirit.  Again, I don't know all the reasons why--all I know is, the…

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